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Happy New Year

Lots of Changes being made

Jan. 01, 2006 -- We have been making lots of changes to our site.  most of the changes are not visible to you all. They are Server upgrades and reconfiguration.  Recently we had some connectivity issues with our ISP.  Hopefully they are all resolved.  Turns out the problem was within the central office of SBC. Apparently there was a clumsy tech who knocked a wire loose.  Then after that was resolved. about 3 days later problems started again. This time it was a malfunctioning piece of equipment...  again in the SBC central Office...

Now that the NEW YEAR is here We hope that the problems are all gone... 


I hope to keep up with updates a little more regularly this year.. 



For More Information Contact:
701 Brita Trail Minooka IL 60447
Tel: (773) 227-3163

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